Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Day 90: But God is coming May 1st

That is But God, by Casey Lute. I'm not predicting the coming of our Lord! I just thought it was kind of funny to title a blog post that way.

I'm excited though. My husband is in the final stages of getting drafts of each chapter of his book, set to release from Cruciform Press on May 1 of this year. Everything is just coming together, and it's just so neat to see everything like the cover, author bio and book description. We're thinking promoting, and an endorsement copy needs to be prepared.

We are just experiencing such a blessed journey, and my hope is that the end will be a book that blesses people and brings them to a greater understanding of God's sovereignty in salvation.

Thank You, Father, for this experience. Use this to further Your kingdom and for Your glory.

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