Saturday, March 19, 2011

Day 78: Ten for Ten

So I'm still thinking about the plagues, and my husband was mentioning to me that the plagues on Egypt had a direct meaning against one of the gods of Egypt. In sending the plagues upon the Egyptians, He was displaying His power, and supremacy over all gods. Basically the Lord blew the Egyptian world view of many gods overseeing these aspects of their lives out of the water.


Plague #1: Water to blood... Take that Hapi, god of the Nile!
Plague #2: Frogs everywhere... Heket was the goddess fertility, water and renewal with the head of a frog. I'd imagine, her image was pretty detestable after having the entire ground covered in frogs.
Plague #3: Gnats out of the dust... Geb was put to shame with this one. He was the god of the earth. The Pharaoh's magicians admit that this one is from God. That's saying something! Even more, we know that it took seven more things to finally break Pharaoh's hardened heart.
Plague #4: Flies, flies everywhere- but only on Egyptians. The Hebrews are unaffected. This one points to Khepri, the Egyptian god of rebirth, and creation with the head of a fly.
Plague #5: Pestilence affecting cattle and livestock... Absolute economic disaster deflates the powers of Hathor, the goddess of love and protection, often depicted with the head of a cow.
Plague #6: Boils... gross! Isis is sunk. This goddess of medicine and peace has no power over Yahweh. Amen!
Plague #7: Hail of Fire. Nut, the goddess of the sky.
Plague #8: Locusts everywhere... This was directed at Seth, the god of storms and disorder. This plague was meant to be so incredible that generations of Egyptians were to speak of this. The locusts caused complete chaos and destruction.
Plague #9: Total darkness. Ra the sun god was completely overshadowed (ha!). He was the most worshipped God.
Plague #10: Death of the firstborn. This was perfect justice and the final blow to Pharaoh personally. He was the ultimate power in Egypt and considered a god, and even he was brought to his knees.

Isn't this fascinating?! Our God is an awesome God! (I referred here a lot. It was very interesting.)

He has caused his wondrous works to be remembered;
the Lord is gracious and merciful.
Psalm 111:4

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