Friday, March 18, 2011

Day 77: In which I write of gnats

Plagues seem awful to me, as do famines. But to think about the plagues that the Egyptians went through as God worked mightily to move His people out of Egypt is mind blowing. To have your water turn into blood is one of the most disgusting things I could think of, and then to have gnats, flies, frogs and locusts descend upon you in such large quantities that you can no longer see the ground and all your trees and vegetation destroyed is just amazing. Boils are completely gross. I know someone who recently had to deal with one, and it just looked like it was painful, and just overall not a pleasant experience. And that was just one boil, the Egyptians had their bodies covered in them. Yikes!

The plagues that came upon Egypt speak clearly of God's sovereignty in all things and His supremacy over all gods.

The last plague speaks clearly of His grace, and justice and mercy. I think I'm going to be thinking of these things for a few days.

Tonight I'm just going to think on the first set of plagues against Egypt. What I'm thankful for tonight is that the God of the Hebrews is a powerful and almighty God. He is to be feared and revered. He is awesome.

My father-in-law doesn't like how we use the word awesome in such casual conversation. That word means so much more than as a description of something cool or really neat. It is meant to be used for something that fills you with awe. "Oh Lord, my God, I sit in awesome wonder..." He argues that we should only reserve it for the only One who can truly fill our hearts with wonder and awe.

Awesome is what I would describe the deeds of Almighty God in Exodus as He frees His people out of slavery. What a mighty and awesome God we serve!

I would encourage you to read in Exodus about the plagues. Now is a very nice time to do so as we approach nearer to Easter and with that Passover. It's easy to read through it all and not really think upon the greatness of what God is doing, but it truly is amazing.

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