Saturday, March 26, 2011

Day 85: Lo-lo

Dear Logan, my sweet nephew Logan. Ah, six year ago today you graced us with your entrance into this world, and it got a little brighter. How?

That smile and those eyes.

I have never known a child that has more expressive eyes, than my nephew Logan. They are deep pools of chocolate, that can melt your heart.

His smile is just sunshine- or mischief. It depends on what the eyes are saying. :)

I love this little guy. His imagination is precious, and he's such a proud new big brother. I am so happy that I get to be his aunt. I can't help but smile every time he smiles; it's just that contagious.

Happy birthday Lo-lo... Aunt Kelly loves you, buddy!

Father, thank You for Logan, and the special part of his family that he is.
Thank You for how You have taken care of him through all his
ups and downs with surgeries and whatnots of his youth.
You have been so good to Him and we thank You for always taking care of him and giving him to our family.
What a sweet gift he is to me and the rest of the family!
May he be a silent strength to all around him.
 Help him stand firm in Your truth. Give him wisdom as he grows,
and may he seek the  perfect wisdom found in your Word.
I pray that he would not lean on him own understanding,
but allow You to direct his paths.
I pray that he would trust in You, and turn to You for his salvation.
Thank You for Logan.

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