Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Day 83: Cade's a Little Late

I remember when we were anticipating the arrival of my nephew. We didn't know his name. His parents didn't know his name, and he came a day or two later than he was expected.

Well, yesterday was this dear one's birthday, and I'm a day late in recognizing it. I didn't forget it. I just didn't write about it yesterday because there was something more pressing on my heart.

But let me tell you. I love this little boy. For five years he has graced our family with his funny ways and active personality. I get such a kick out of him!

He's truly a boy's boy liking cars, trucks, baseball, dinosaurs and trains. I think I pretty much summed up his whole existence in those interests! He's one of children's best friends. In fact yesterday I could barely distract my son enough from asking constantly to go see Cade and his brother Miles!

I am so proud to be his aunt, and I just love him.

Happy birthday, dear Cade!

Lord, thank You for Cade.
He is such a special nephew, and I pray that you would bless him as he grows.
As he begins school this year, I pray that You would protect his heart
and provide friends that build him up.
I pray that he would come to know You personally at a young age,
so that he can bring You glory all the days of his life.
Thank You that he is such a good big brother and takes care of those who are littler than he.
I pray that You would guide his parents in raising him in Your truth,
and that You would make Cade receptive to Your Word.
Thank You for this little boy.
May he grow to be a godly man who loves You and Your truth, and lives in it daily.

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