Saturday, March 5, 2011

Day 64: Tomorrow is Another Day

At the risk of sounding like Scarlett O'Hara, that's what I had to tell myself last night as I went to bed. Tomorrow is indeed another day, with new mercies, and it will continue thus until Christ returns or I'm called home. And that grace is sufficient.

And with each new dawn, the Lord offers tidbits of hope, of grace to lift us up. This is what I found this morning in my e-mail box:

"I have only met you briefly but I like how "on top of it" you are as a parent. When I volunteer at school Norah is always polite and respectful. Norah is one of the only students that calls me Mrs. [P****] vs. Hey You when help is needed. Norah is a pleasure to be around and I am glad Stella has such a nice girl for a friend." [Just keeping anonymity, that's all.]
- Mother to one of Norah's classmates.

You see, I wrote to this mom letting her know that Norah's behavior last night warranted keeping her home from a much anticipated birthday party. After reading this, I burst into tears (of course) and hid myself so that my children didn't see and ask questions.

It's true though. I get compliments all the time on my girl's behavior and how kind and polite she is. I know that we're doing something right. Gosh darnit, if only we, as parents, could control everything our children do, think or say all the time!

Anyway, I was encouraged by this. And I know that in the big picture, God is in control and I am completely under His mercy and grace when it comes to the outcome of who my children will be. My job is to be faithful, giving God glory as I try to parent and disciple. If I do that, then I know that God will do His job to work all things for His glory.

And the beauty of it is, that whether or not I do my part, He always does His part. All things, with or without my help, will work for His glory. It is an honor that they might work for His glory through me.

Let me bring You glory, Father.

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