Saturday, January 9, 2010

I Had a Conversation with Haddon

The title says it, really. My son had a conversation with me. For most parents, talking with their child is just something that happens naturally and at a regular time in their development. It's something that flows with time, and it's hardly anything to note because it's just normal. I know. I have one child that I talk with and have talked with for years now. She has opinions that she expresses verbally, and questions, requests, and observations.

But not my son.

My son points. My son says words that take me asking him to repeat several times before I understand. My son is more of a mystery. I don't know what my son is thinking or feeling. I have to guess a lot.

Today, I talked with my son. He pointed some, repeated words after me, and said things on his own.

He asked for juice, both with his words and actions. He clarified which beverage he wanted. He encouraged me by telling me "good job" when I got the correct drink for him. And he said "thank you."

It's not a new interaction, and it still has much room to grow. I'll take it though. I talked with my son.

I love my son.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Enough in the New

Just because this blog was silent for over a month, doesn't mean that the grace has stopped.

- Haddon continues to speak more and more. His teacher nearly always has positive reports for his days in preschool, and the concerns that she has brought up are being resolved as he gets more comfortable with her and his classmates.

- Working has been a challenge, but has allowed me to be in the "world" a little more and be a testitmony to God's great love and grace. I hope that I am given more and more opportunities to share the truth in love and gentleness.

- Our needs are always met. Casey's job continues to be difficult for him, and he longs for a better opportunity to use his skills and better provide for us. But in this season, he has been in a position to work on his schooling and make steps towards his educational goals. Other jobs may not provide that chance.

- We have been able to watch a journey towards adoption begin for my sister's family, and seeing that waiting list number get smaller and smaller.

- I have been helping my grandmother with her finances, as she has built up quite a lot of consumer debt. Within the last few months, I've been able to reduce it to the point where this month she will be making the final payment to start 2010 debt-free! This is a tremendous blessing to me, as it has ben a 5-year journey that we have shared.

- Norah is becoming an intelligent and funny little girl, who, though she has her moments, gives us such joy and laughter. I look forward to seeing how she will grow in wisdom and in the Word over the coming years.

- My brother-in-law, who was mostly unemployed for a year and had to be stay-at-home dad to his sweet little girl, while his wife had to provide, got a job in the last few months. Now, mommy's home with little Isla, and daddy is in the workplace where he belongs!

So, I don't know what this new year holds except a few things:
1. A nephew will join our family in February. (Congrats to Tyler and Candace)
2. A niece will join our family from Ethiopia, and is most likely already growing in her birth mother's womb.(Congrats to The Stutzmans)
3. Another niece or nephew will enter our family in the summer. (Congrats to Kyle and Kari)
4. Prayerfully Casey will complete his Masters Degree, but even if he doesn't, he'll get closer.
5. God will be at work, still seated on the throne.

That's enough.