Saturday, January 9, 2010

I Had a Conversation with Haddon

The title says it, really. My son had a conversation with me. For most parents, talking with their child is just something that happens naturally and at a regular time in their development. It's something that flows with time, and it's hardly anything to note because it's just normal. I know. I have one child that I talk with and have talked with for years now. She has opinions that she expresses verbally, and questions, requests, and observations.

But not my son.

My son points. My son says words that take me asking him to repeat several times before I understand. My son is more of a mystery. I don't know what my son is thinking or feeling. I have to guess a lot.

Today, I talked with my son. He pointed some, repeated words after me, and said things on his own.

He asked for juice, both with his words and actions. He clarified which beverage he wanted. He encouraged me by telling me "good job" when I got the correct drink for him. And he said "thank you."

It's not a new interaction, and it still has much room to grow. I'll take it though. I talked with my son.

I love my son.

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