Monday, February 22, 2010

Not Me! Monday: Hard-to-Handle Hosiery

Welcome to Not Me! Monday!, a blog carnival created by MckMama. If you visit her blog, you can see what others are NOT doing. This is a chance to laugh at yourself and with others over those things that we wish never happened....


Most people can relate to beginning a new job and wanting to do well and make a good impression on your co-workers and boss. Well, this last week, I'm not too sure how I did:

Since the sun was breaking through the usually cloudy days in Oregon, I thought that it would be delightful to wear a dress to work. So off I went in a work-appropriate attire, but as I walked in the the store, I noticed that my thigh-high pantyhose were not behaving. With each step, I could feel that I was in for a battle.

That day I was expecting my mother to visit me at work, so I certainly was not staring out the large glass windows looking for her to the point that I was barely paying attention to what was going on in the actual store. I certainly was not panicked or preoccupied with the idea of my stockings falling down. Not Me!

I did not walk around the store gingerly, hoping that it might prevent... uh.... slippage. Nor did a constantly tug up on the slippery stockings as a walked around helping and checking in with customers. Not Me!

I did not hide behind the counter to hike up said pantyhose, trying to avoid being seen by employees and customers. I did not fearfully wait on several people in a row, just hoping that I wouldn't have to walk much. Not Me!

When my mother did finally show up, I did not beg her to go next door to Target and purchase regular pantyhose for me. After returning with the pantyhose, I was not so busy with customers that my mother LEFT WITH THE SAVING PANTYHOSE! And I absolutely didn't reveal to my current customer my problem, hand her over to my associate, take one last trip behind the counter to "get everything nice and high", and nearly sprint out the door to find my mother. Oh no. I'm not that pathetic. Certainly Not Me!

By the way, my new male manager that I would like to make a good impression on, wasn't looking at me weird either. So that's good.

By the time I got to the fabric store, the stupid pantyhose were certainly not down to my ankles. And thank goodness I didn't have to hide behind a giant fabric bin to "get everything nice and high" again. That would be ridiculous, and Not Me!

Walking briskly back to the store, I certainly didn't have my pantyhose nearly fall beneath my knees again before I could make it to the bathroom and change. I didn't get confused glances from the girls at the reception desk of the doctor's office either. Nope, Not Me!

Upon returning to work, it was nice to see that my customer "in the know," wasn't laughing or entertained at all by my calamity.

*Sigh* Oh well, at least that was NOT ME!


Kelli @ RTSM said...

Too funny! I gave up on stockings, pantyhose, and knee highs long ago! Now I only wear shoes that look good with bare legs! I did recently discover a love of leggings though:)

Faith said...

ha! too funny. thank you for the laugh :)I too have thrown away all my pantyhose. I love not worrying about that.