Friday, January 28, 2011

Day 28: Fearfully Wonderfully Haddon

I'm not sure if there is a way to capture who my son is simply through the writing of words. I guess you could say that about anybody, really. But my son is such a unique and special sort of person that to know him is to get a special delight that not many get to experience. His smile is as sweet as cotton candy and warm like springtime sunshine. When he plays, you get lost in youthfulness and forget that you are older as you join in the fun. He can make you feel like you're a peer right with him.

Communication is more difficult with him, but it's like being in a foreign land with a dear person you feel a connection but cannot speak with fully. You're right at home navigating slightly unfamiliar territory. Words don't seem as important, because so much can be said with a smile or a laugh. Even Haddon's sigh can be an eloquent, melancholy soliloquy.

I had a particularly fun day being Haddon's mom today. He brought joy to my spirit, and strength. My day was filled with precious moments and memories and quotes from my little boy that I can treasure up, bottle up and keep in my heart.

Thank you, Father, for making me Haddon's mom.
I am humbled by the greatness of the responsibility and the sweetness of the honor.
Only you can fearfully and wonderfully create such a treasure. Thank you. 

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