Thursday, January 27, 2011

Day 27

So, I've already put myself in a humbling situation through this blog, but I figured that I needed to make it complete at our Life group tonight where I broke down in tears twice. Yeah, twice.

Of course we were in our second week in Titus... ya know, Titus 2?! It's only one of the sweetest passages concerning the roles of men and women in the church. Yeah, that's where we were tonight.

So, I was set up for an emotional moment or two as my heart desires to be at home more than I am, but in our current situation, our needs as a family trump my ideal desires.

I had already set in my mind that I would ask for prayer. I haven't ever really done that before. It's always implied. I mean, duh, of course we need prayer, but to actually ask for it was a very powerful thing. I am thankful for that. And to sit there, trying to get a hold of myself as my husband rested his arm around me, being lifted up in prayer by the sweet saints around me, there was peace in that moment for me. I had done something that honored God and something that wasn't "natural" for me (except the crying... oh for goodness sakes! I cry so much, it's ridiculous.)

I am glad that I had that experience tonight. As snot-nosey and awkward as it is to cry in front of people, I think it was an important thing for me and I am grateful for God's work in my heart to get me to that point.

Thank you Lord for your faithfulness in working on my heart.
Thank you for never letting go of me, and for being the Potter,
always molding me and making me more like my Jesus.

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Rachelle said...

Those moments are amazing...both humbling and uplifting all at once. I'll be praying for you're family.