Thursday, January 20, 2011

Day 20: Timing

Before we arrived at my husband's parents' home this evening, my daughter said she wasn't feeling well. She started talking about how maybe she could take a nap at Nanna and Poppa's, and that's when I knew that mommy wouldn't be going to Bible study with daddy tonight. So we dropped the kids off at their house, and we went to get the second car so that my husband could get home from Bible study.

We had enough time to do that. That will be important later in my story.

So, I got back to my in-laws' and watched Scooby-Doo, because that's one of the shows that my kids are into now. They think it's funny.

After the show, I gathered my dear ones to get into the car.

My daughter was nervous that she might throw up at her grandparents' home.

She didn't.

So in the car we go, and as we pull into the driveway, I'm told that, "I feel weird." I know what that means.

"Go to the bushes," I tell my little girl. My hands were full of Pillow Pets and pajamas, and little brother wasn't even unbuckled. The house was locked, and I was awkwardly maneuvering the keys to unlock it.

We got in the house (little brother would have to wait in the care, bless his heart), and within 30 seconds, um, you know. The door was open, cold air was coming in, the keys were still in the door, and the stuffed ladybug and turtle were dumped, and hair was held back.

It was all in timing.

Dad's on his way home with supplies that he is able to get because he has a car and isn't getting a ride home from someone else.

Thank you Lord, for covering my little girl from the embarrassment of throwing up at her grandparents. Thank you that she was with me, as I could tell she wanted me with her. Thank you for giving my little boy a sweet spirit to leave his grandma and grandpa's house earlier than he would have wanted and to wait patiently in the car while I cared for big sister. Thank you that we got in the house, and she didn't have to be afraid of getting sick outside or in the car. Thank you that I didn't have to clean anything up. Thank you that You will heal her and care for her. Thank you for being the Great Physician. We love you, Lord.

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