Sunday, January 23, 2011

Day 23: Norah, Most Colorful

Tonight was a fun time at AWANA because Norah entered the Grand Prix Car Race. Hers was a "rainbow trout". The car was shaped like a fish and painted in rainbow stripes. It looked like a car that Norah would create. She won a special award for "Most Colorful Car"- of course. It fit.

So, as I think about my daughter, I think that's just so right that she got that special award. She not only made the most colorful car, but the colorful car reflects her colorful personality. Everything about my girl is colorful. Her sense of style, the way she likes to make her arts and crafts, her character- all are colorful. She loves putting together colors and patterns. Nothing is done halfway. Subtle does not suite our Norah. She lives by the motto "More is More!" If a little bit of glitter is good, than more must be better!

I'm so glad that she is who she is, and I pray that the Lord will take her colorful self and mold her into a bright shining beacon that brings Him glory. I'm glad that God can use colorful clay, like my daughter. Oh, how I want Him to use her and call her to Himself!

One of the reasons I liked the name Norah was that it means "light". I can't think of a better thing for her to be than a light for Jesus in this world. She is so passionate, and friendly. Norah has the sweet gift of hospitality, if she has the courage to use it. She's goofy and fun, and what a bright light she can be! I'm so thankful for my most colorful girl.

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Traci said...

What a beautiful Mom you are with the MOST beautiful daughter to follow in your foot steps. God is very pleased with you both :) Keep up the great work!