Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Day 179: The Return of the Legal Pad

There are things that are familiar, and conjure up more because of what you associate with that item. Pictures around a home can be reminders of fun times or eras in our lives that we like to remember, or a certain scent or song brings a memory or is associated with a person.

Yellow legal pads are one of those items.

They have been a familiar and comforting item in our home throughout the years. Often they are left lying around, cluttering a coffee table or night stand. Sometimes there's a legal pad sitting amongst thick heavy books on the kitchen table, and we can't eat until it's out of the way.

It's not the legal pad that is special, but it's what the pad is used for and what is written on it. Sermons, notes, ideas are captured on these yellow pieces of paper and together they have formed Sunday school lessons and sermons, and even a book.

My husband uses these canary yellow notebooks when he's teaching or studying God's Word. When that notepad is out, he's using his skills as a preacher and teacher to help others draw nearer to the Lord.

He's had opportunities lately to use those gifts, and that has brought the return of the legal pad.

I welcome its clutter.

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