Saturday, June 25, 2011

Day 176: I'm on Team Jacob

Thirteen years ago I was on a Mexico mission trip, and I was very anxious about its timing. My sister was due to have her first baby, and I did not want to miss it. So, when we stopped for lunch at In 'n' Out, I used the pay phone (for those of you who don't remember those things, they are these phones, with cords, in a booth-like thing, that you use by putting a quarter or two in the slot) and called my mom.

She was a grandma.

I missed it. I became an aunt, and I missed it. I was bummed and excited all at once. Jacob had come, and we were so blessed.

I missed a lot of Jacob's birthdays because he was born when mission trips happen. Despite missing those things, I am not lacking in love for this kid- um, I mean teenager.

This birthday is a little different. I can't call him so much a kid anymore. He's entered that place of being on the verge of manhood, but beyond childhood. One of the most important steps he's made in the right direction towards manhood is that he chose to be baptized this last year. He stepped out in faith and made that declaration that he belongs to Christ and identified with Jesus in his death, burial and resurrection.

Aunt Kelly didn't miss that. I am so proud that I didn't.

Jacob has a sweet heart, a tender heart towards little ones. He has a gift for hospitality and caring for those who are littler and younger than himself. It suits him to watch over others because he is the oldest of six kids. He has five other people that are following behind him, and that he sets the example for. It's a big responsibility, and by God's grace, I know that he will carry it through for His glory.

Many people aren't as keen on the teen years as I am. I am looking forward to Jacob as a teenager. I like these years. These are make or break years. The stakes are high, and the rewards for faithfulness in the coming years are great. My prayer for Jacob is that he doesn't waste his teens, that he blesses those around him. I want to see him face trials head on, with peace that comes from his relationship with Christ.

Lord, I pray that as Jake enters his teen years that you would protect his heart. 
Protect his mind. I pray that you would give him wisdom in how to conduct himself in a manner that brings you honor and glory. I pray that he makes choices that he will not be ashamed of or regret, 
but that he would learn from mistakes, not repeat them, and gain wisdom. 
I pray that he would have a good relationship with his mom and dad in these years, and that you would give them a discerning heart and listening ears. 
I pray that they would remember what it was like to come of age, and that they would have patience and compassion with Jake has he wades through this time in his life, navigating through all that comes with growing up into an adult. 
I pray that he would have a clear view of what it is to be a man of God and that he would strive to be a man of honor who holds to the truths found in your Word. 
Build him up in the faith that he may learn to be a leader. Give him a proper view of who he is, 
and protect him from the lies of society, 
for they come from the devil. 
Protect his heart in that regard, Lord, so that he may have joy in who you have created him to be.
Thank you that he belongs to you. May he feel your firm grip on his life, 
and may that bring him strength.

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