Thursday, June 16, 2011

Day 167: And Then There Was Baking

I always look forward to Thursdays because it's Life Group night. What made today extra special was spending the day with a friend. We've become better friends through Life Group, and our husbands have kindled a sweet friendship as well.

This was something that I have prayed about for myself and my husband, and I am so glad that the Lord is blessing and granting that desire. I am richly joy-filled as we get to know each other and share more and more of life with one another.

Today was another of those "life sharing" days in which I spent the day with my friend baking pies, dining together as families and then proceeded to our Bible study. I spent the greater part of my day fellowshipping, talking of ordinary things as well as spiritual, but always grace filled.

It was lovely.

Father, you grant our every need and 
time and time again 
you meet our heart's desires when they line up with yours. 
Please line my heart more and more with yours, 
so that I always want what is best and what glorifies you!

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