Sunday, June 12, 2011

Day 163: Saved by Sherbet and a Smack

Last night I made a mistake. You see, I have diabetes that I control through diet, exercise (in theory) and medication. Yesterday I just forgot to take my medicine, and so when I went to bed, my blood sugar levels tested quite high. Not liking how I felt, and unable to snap my pill in half as I normally do, I took a whole one thinking that I was high enough to not have a low.

After falling asleep, my son came into my bed because he's been fighting allergies, and they tend at plague him more at night when he's trying to sleep.

Some time later, he smacked me in the head because he's four and when you're four, you don't sleep still just like when you are conscious you don't sit still.

I noticed that I was really really warm, and as I was still half asleep, I just shifted positions, trying to get comfortable. I also felt very weak, and it took me about thirty seconds to figure out that I was having a hypoglycemic moment. My blood sugar was low, and by low, I mean, I hadn't felt this low and lethargic in the ten years that I have had diabetes.

So I was groggy, and I pulled myself out of bed, knowing that if I did not, I was going to drop more and possibly lose consciousness.

Walking into the kitchen, hot, sweaty, and so weak I felt like I was going to fall, I went for the first thing I could think of that would cool me off and shoot up the glucose level- sherbet. I made my way to the couch with the ice cream carton in hand, sat and leaned on the back and proceeded to eat.

I ate what was about a large bowl's worth, and began to slowly feel better and feel more like my brain could process what was happening to me. The sweating stopped, I put the empty carton in the sink, and went back to bed grateful that Haddon had smacked me.

I'm not sure if I would have woken up when I did, if Haddon hadn't been in the bed. I'm also not sure if I would have woken up in time. It's very possible that my children would find me unconscious in the morning, and that thought scares me. I would rather have a higher blood sugar level and be a little uncomfortable with that than to scare my children and put my life at risk.

So I'm thankful that the Lord orchestrated events in my day to protect me, my children and my husband from a very terrifying Sunday morning, as opposed to what it was. This morning was a nice morning. We all got ready and headed to church as a family. Sure, I was sleepy from the ordeal from last night, and Haddon has swollen eyes from rubbing them so much, but we were together and generally healthy.

God gave me a smack from my boy, and some sherbet to keep me here. I'm so glad he uses all circumstances for his purposes and for his glory.

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hannahrose_8 said...

Amen, God allows all sorts of things into our lives for a reason! God has allowed some trying times here and I am learning from them but also praying for relief.

Thanks for sharing.