Thursday, June 23, 2011

Day 174: Yes Father's Day

Sometimes we need a do-over. Today is a do-over.

I bombed out on Father's Day. I just did. We won't dwell on it. I have already dumped enough grief on myself. So I will move on.

Today the zoo was the cure. We loaded into the car as a family, and headed north to the zoo. We spent the whole day together as a family, and just had fun.

I love my family.

I love days like this when my children are young and we can laugh.

I love building memories like this.

Good do-over.

Lord thank you for second chances and opportunities to make up for lost opportunities. Thank you for my husband who is a godly father for my children. Thank you that they have a dad where I don't, and thank you that he is a good leader for our family. His leadership brings security and a great strength to our home, and I know that it is my your grace and your grace alone that has built that up in his character. Thank you.

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