Friday, June 3, 2011

Day 154: Reverse Track

Okay, so this is totally cheating! But if I reveal my tricks is it really cheating?

I've been a bit overwhelmed this week, and I'll explain in another post why, but I realized that I could date something earlier than when I really wrote it! Ta-da!

This will make it less confusing for me when I look back at my posts and read through this year. So sometimes things will be posted on different dates to coincide with the actual date it happen as opposed to when I get to posting it.

So, my quest goes on. I think daily about God's graces, whether written about in a timely manner, that remains to be seen. But I think this discovery gives me a little more freedom and makes me feel less like I have to write things in a certain way. I'm grateful for that.

I think this journey that I'm on to daily recognize God's grace and mercy each day has helped me give myself more grace, but I know that needs to be balanced. Giving grace to myself doesn't mean giving myself liscense for laziness, and that is a big temptation!

So as I ride here on this train (I'll write about that too), I feel like I'm back on track- just a little reverse action happening. Pun intended, thankyouverymuch.

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