Friday, June 24, 2011

Day 175: What do you mean, there's no 40% off coupon?!

Sometimes I need a creative outlet. You would think an attempt to write every day about God's grace might be enough for me, and although it is an amazing exercise, I require the use of pretty colored paper, or glue, or fabric.

I am on a quest for color in my living room, and little bit in my kitchen too. Without going into details, I have concocted a plan to make some pillow cases for the six toss pillows that came with our couches (there's actually eight, but two of them are in my kids' rooms covered in fleece because who needs EIGHT couch pillows?!). And today is the grand opening of a Joann Fabrics superstore. I'll wait until you get your breathe back...

So, that's where I had to look next (because you've gotta know I've already checked everywhere else!). As it turned out, I was going to meet my mom there, but before that I wanted to go to Wal-Mart with my friend. Of course, that took longer so she joined me and my mom, and my kids at the new fabulous Mecca of craftiness.

After debating for a while, holding swatches up to each other, and thinking about how cheaply I could make new pillowcases for these six pillows while still using quality fabric, I made my decision and made the cuts. My mom left, and I was on my way to the register to pay and take advantage of a 40% off coupon that was to be waiting for me at the register.

What do you mean, there's no 40% off coupon?!

They ran out. The fabric was cut. My children we antsy. The chicken in my purse was getting warmer and warmer by the second (don't ask), and they had the audacity to be out of the 40% off coupons?!

We went to work. My friend check multiple e-mail accounts, and I called one person. And then, like every other smart daughter, I called my mom.

Mom, do you have a 40% off coupon? They are out of them here.

Of course she does! She is mom! She can solve any problem, face any challenge!

She was already over 20 minutes away, but like what any mother would do, though tired, hungry, and already worn down by an indecisive daughter, she turned the car around and saved the day!

My friend, the world's most gifted and talented kindergarten teacher who puts the pied piper to shame, humored and played with my children, who, if I were on my own, would have broken to pieces in fits of whining and selfishness by this time. And I, by that time, would have been in tears myself thankyouverymuch.

But all was well. The coupon arrived safely with my mother. The children didn't fly into fits and puff into oblivion in Rumpelstiltskin-like fashion. The chicken stayed at a safe temperature for consumption. And the fabric was officially mine, ready to fill my creative outlet and beautify my living room.

I am blessed by those who are around me. My mother is a hero. My friend is a wonder.

Thank you Lord for days like these where you save me from greater stress than what I would have put on myself, had you not given me the blessings you do!

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Shelly =) said...

The other wonder of the day was that I made it out of our town's biggest toy store for big girls without spending a dime! I was happy to help. =)