Friday, June 17, 2011

Day 168: Free Butterflies

We finally released our temporary pet butterflies, and it was a kick to see the kids wonder at them fluttering away. We held on to the butterflies a little too long, as we discovered two dead before we could release them. I guess I learned what their life span is! Whoops.

Regardless of my follies at predicting the longevity of a butterfly's life, it was a delight to see the Butterfly Chapter end. It was a learning experience that I'm sure we will participate in again. Seeing my children marvel at God's creation was a joy to my heart, and even as young as they are, they understand the complexities of metamorphosis and that it is an amazing design.

Our Creator has designed a marvelous world, and as we were reminded of at Bible Study this Thursday, even it isn't right. We can never be fully satisfied in this present world because it is amiss with sin. How I long to see all restored to its original glory without blemish! Won't that be a great victory?!

I would echo the words on John:

Come, Lord Jesus!
(Revelation 22:20b)

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