Sunday, June 5, 2011

Day 156: Fight, Value, and Trust

Ah, Sunday.

I needed Sunday this week.

I mentioned that I would mention how the week has been overwhelming to me, but I think the best word  would be underwhelming.

I have felt like there had been a cloud over my head and like I have been in a fog. Motivation has escaped me. My attitude has felt droll. I have lacked attentiveness in parenting, housework, and in general, every aspect of my life. I haven't been able to shake it. It's been a very trapping feeling.

I don't need to be medicated.

I don't need counseling.

I don't need to search my past pains and do some sort of program for healing.

I just need Jesus. I need him to fight with me and beside me. I need to fear and trust him more and more. I need to delight in him and value him. That's what I got out of Sunday morning services as pastor preached the last lesson in Ecclesiastes.

Jesus! Jesus! Precious Jesus! Oh for grace to trust you more!

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Kay Wagener said...

I love your heart and how you write. You are right, Jesus is enough. Keep writing. You have a genuine quality that comes through and shows your deep faith in a gentle way. I like it. I am a blogger as well. If you are interested, my site is: