Monday, June 20, 2011

Day 171: Noah

Noah is my nephew.

He turned 8.

I have seen this little guy grow in so many ways. He once struggled with speech, and I think sometimes he acted out a bit more because he couldn't express himself with words. Although he is still working through some speech things, I have seen so much improvement and much of that is due to his keen will to make that happen. He has grown softer and more gentle, and much of that is seen in his sweet spirit towards his little sister Seble. He dotes on her, and loves her. Her adoption has just melted this tough guy like nothing before has!

He is such a special guy to have as a nephew. I am so glad that this unexpected child #4 is a part of my family. I love being his aunt.

Father, bless Noah in this new year. 
Help him grow more and more and learn more of your Word. 
May he grow is strength and wisdom, learning to be a man after your heart. 
Bless Adam and Amber as they disciple him and help him along the way. 
Use them to teach him the things he must know to bring you glory. 
Be glorified in his life, Lord. 
Bring him to you, and may he be saved at a young age and follow you all his days.

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