Saturday, June 18, 2011

Day 169: Tea Parties and Fairy Wings

Today was Norah's long-awaited tea party. All the preparations were made, guests invited, and today we enjoyed the fun festivities!

It was such a hoot.

The girls started out quiet and almost shy, acting as if they hadn't played together nearly every day since this fall. Then, the adults just let them sit at the table together talking... and then giggling... and then laughing with all the silliness that should be displayed by five 6-year-old girls!

They danced, and made up games of their own. They told funny stories, and it was just adorable watching them interact.

What was even more special was my daughter's willingness to practice being a hostess. We talked about making sure everyone was comfortable, sharing, putting other before herself. She thoughtfully planned where each girl would sit, and made the best efforts she could to make conversation. She talked to the girls about being careful with the tea things, and made her best efforts to be a hospitable host.

She did a spectacular job!

I am so proud of her. I wanted this to be an opportunity to practice those skills and begin to plant seeds in her heart to want to practice hospitality. She responded beautifully. Before my very eyes I caught glimpses of what may be the future. She had inside jokes with friends. She took it upon herself to delight each guest and humor them. Mostly though, she was herself- a little bit more grown up.

I liked seeing my daughter as a friend. She is a good friend. She gave equal attention to everyone. She showed genuine happiness over each person's attendance. She's entering into a different phase. She's not so little anymore, but I'm glad she's not so grown up.

Don't blink, mom, I think to myself. Give her about a year or two and a fairy tea party won't be so cool anymore.

But days like today, with the friends she chose to surround herself with, I don't feel anxiety. She has chosen wisely, and she acted graciously.

Mom couldn't be more proud or thankful.

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