Friday, May 20, 2011

Day 140: We Have Ourselves a Chrysalis

About a week ago or so, I got our son a "Butterfly Garden". He had been wanting one, and seeing as it is really an educational request, I acquiesced. He was so excited! He couldn't wait to get the larvae in the mail (caterpillars). He has been watching them eat and grow bigger and bigger, waiting and waiting for them to become chrysalises.

Well, today was the day! Finally, we have ourselves a chrysalis!

Haddon just had to wake up his daddy to tell him about our good fortune. After all, if you get a chrysalis, a butterfly will follow!

It is such a joy to see my son delight in learning about God's workmanship. I pray that this experience is one that will draw him closer and closer to a greater knowledge of the Lord. We are looking forward to each new discovery as the metamorphosis continues.

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