Friday, May 20, 2011

Day 139: Miles Had a Birthday

On the 17th my sweet nephew Miles had his 3rd birthday. He is a pretty special little guy, and it wasn't my intention to not write about him on his actual birthday, but there were things that I knew I would forget to write if I didn't do it.

Miles is unforgettable.

I think I have a soft spot in my heart for him because he's the middle boy. There's something very special about being the middle child. After all, I married one.

The things that I am most grateful in my nephew are his compassionate spirit and his sense of humor. Even as young as three, he makes pretty funny jokes, and does funny things. He's the most gentle to those littler than him, and is keenly aware of people's feelings. Upon saying good-byes, I can always count on Miles to be thorough in his kisses and hugs. Aunts like that. :)

So happy birthday my dear Miles! Aunt Kelly loves you, dear one.

Lord, I pray a special blessing on Miles. 
May you lead and guide him as he grows. 
Give him a soft heart towards his parents as they seek to raise him for your glory.
I pray that he would know you at a young age, and follow you and delight in you.
Thank you for who he is and how you created him. Thank you that I get to be his aunt.

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