Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Day 136: "But God..." by Casey Lute

Today I read my husband's book. It didn't take long, as it is a short book, and although concise, it packs a punch of content.

Some may think that I can't really write an unbiased review of this book from Cruciform Press because, well, I'm married to the author, but I will tell you that once I began reading, I forgot that I knew the author.

The fact is, it didn't matter that I even knew the author. The book isn't about who the author is at all.

I've often read a book written in which the cleverness or ability to turn a phrase out shines the actual content of the book. Whether that is a compliment to the writing abilities of the author of such a book or a criticism of the content is left to be determined on my part. But when it comes to reading "But God..." there is no lack of ability in the writing, yet it is so centered on the exposition of Scripture and the truths of the Word, that all glory is given to and directed at God- not the author. I would echo the sentiment shared by a previous reader, that it is "relentlessly God-centered." (I truly cannot put it better myself.)

That is why I can look at it without bias. I didn't want to put it down, not because of who the author is, but of Who the author was writing about.

Starting with the biblical account of Noah, Casey draws out of the text that the story is not about Noah, but about God and his gracious act of remembering Noah. From there each of the nine chapters unfold a new layer that points back to God's goodness and grace by expounding on another "But God" moment.

By the time you reach the final chapter, Casey has driven home so relentlessly that the God we serve is sovereign, good, just, righteous and gracious, that any believer is filled with worshipful gratitude towards him.

I was so lifted up and blessed by the book. It directs all glory to God. It clearly points towards God's sovereign hand in the salvation of his people. It is such a good handling of Scripture that it drives the reader back to the Scriptures. It leaves you wanting more and wishing it were longer, but gives you so much to process and think on.

It is a book that I believe every Christian will enjoy. It is a book that is very readable and will speak to a host of different audiences at different levels of both physical and spiritual maturity.

I am proud that such a book is linked my family.

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