Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Day 138: I Have No Hours

Today I worked, and I checked my schedule to find that I wasn't on it at all for next week. I thought that was a little weird so I checked with one of the managers, and she told me that hours are being cut very dramatically and that this particular week had very little hours.

I know I could have responded in two ways. The first way being to be sad about losing hours and thus losing income, and the other way would be to just accept it and move on. I took the latter.

Reality is that I really don't need many hours to help with what my family needs me to help with. I would much rather have my hours cut than others who really depend and lean upon their pay. So I am grateful to be on the "chopping block" because any hours that I would have had aren't being taken away from my co-workers who need the pay so much more than me.

So I was fine with it. I'm glad to be home. It's where I would like to be anyway, so it was just granting my heart's desire- just not really granting the desire of our pocketbook. But we'll be fine. God always provides. He's providing for those who I work with by allowing me to not have hours. I am honored to be a part of that provision.

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