Thursday, May 5, 2011

Day 125: A Little Edgy

Today I'm a little on edge. Things are little raw and everything seems very much on the surface. I'm feeling the pressure as my test for opticianry approaches all too fast. I have a lot of duties to keep up with at home, especially since we're opening our home up to many friends and family in a week to celebrate the release of the book. Yet we still haven't gotten to hold the book. I'm happy that others have gotten it it recent days though. It's pretty cool to see it in the hands of people we love in other states. There's just a lot. I could mention other things floating around in my mind, but there's no need to. Doing so would only bog me down unnecessarily. There's no need for that, right? Right.

All this is to say, I'm just on edge. I know I'll be fine, and everything will come together and in the mail just fine. All pieces of the coming week or weeks will come together, for the Lord is the great puzzle solver. I've just gotta plug through it all.

I'm glad that he puts all things together in his time, and that all these things are such blessings. Really, to care for my family and the home that we have are gifts. The knowledge I'm gaining from studying for this test is a blessing and will only help me help others better. We're given such a beautiful gift and experience to be waiting for books to arrive- that were written by my husband, for God's glory, and for potentially some extra money here and there. These are all good things. It is a good thing to celebrate with people who are excited with us and want to rejoice in this experience, and I have the honor to welcome them into our home.

Ah, these are all such good good things. Amen? Amen.

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