Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Day 123: Bible to School

Each week my daughter takes something to school for show-and-tell. Her teacher just started it, and this is only the third week of doing it. She's already taken her cheerleading trophy and her Rapunzel music box, and today Norah was wondering what she should take.

I made a few suggestions, and one of them was her Bible. We just got it for her for her birthday. Her response was, "No. I can't bring things about God."

Let me tell you. That got my back up. I told her that wasn't true. Of course she could bring things that involved God, and that was her right to be able to if she wanted to.

"Never let anyone tell you that you can't talk about God or share things with your friends about God. Nobody can stop you from doing that."

Norah hasn't let it go by her unnoticed that at school there is no mention of Christ or church or God. She tells us about how they never talk about those things. It's different than every other part of her life. At home, we talk about our Lord. At church, Christ is worshiped. At school? Nothing. She notices.

I never want my little girl to be ashamed of her faith. I never want anyone to tell her that she can't speak what she believes. I want her to respect that others will have different opinions, and to listen to them, comparing them to the truth.

I'm thankful that she can still speak. I want her to know that it's her right to share her beliefs with others, and that it may be that her teachers are censored, she is not, as long as she is respectful to others. It's a lie that our children cannot express their faith in the schools. They are still protected- for now. I pray that right will be protected.

Thank you for giving us freedom here in the United States. 
Father, if it be your will to protect that, I pray that right to worship you will be held up. 
I pray that we wouldn't take that for granted.

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