Friday, September 30, 2011

Day 271: Isla Belle

Isla is my niece. Isla is a beautiful 3 year old today, and I am going to miss her party.

She is a spit-fire, if I ever saw one, and she is sweet and funny and just a joy. I love that little niece of mine, and I am so so grateful that I get to be her aunt.

Lord thank you for Isla. 
She is such a treasure, and I love her! 
I pray that she will grow in wisdom and in internal beauty. 
I pray that she would be a godly woman as she grows and that you would give her parents wisdom in how they should help her grow in you. 
I pray that she would believe in Jesus and trust in him at a young age. 
I pray that she would follow him faithfully and be a light in this world, honoring him in all she does.

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