Sunday, September 18, 2011

Day 259: Every Single Month

Every single month. It's like clockwork. I am always surprised. I get moody. I get grumpy. I get easily irritated. I get to be the worst version of myself.

Every single month.

I get shocked and discouraged at my behavior, glance at the calendar, and realize, "Oh. That's why."

Seriously, this is a discouraging cycle- pun intended. How can I break my monthly grumps? I'm really tired of it, and my guess is that my family isn't exactly jumping for joy over this about every 4 weeks.


Every single month.

Lord, help break this cycle- you know, the cycle that I can break, not the other one. 
I'm only going to change if you help me by your Spirit. 
Fill me up with your Spirit that the cycle can be broken. 
I don't want to get discouraged like this every single month anymore.

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