Monday, September 12, 2011

Day 253: Belated Michelle

Birthdays are a great thing, and I really like to celebrate them. But sometimes things get belated, especially things like birthdays.

Michelle had her birthday a few days ago, and I didn't write about it on that actual day. So here I am. Belated blogging. (I really do that a lot, to be honest. Fortunately not many people read or follow this blog of mine. So I can be belated.)

I love Michelle. She's become a very dear friend. She saves my day so very often it's ridiculous. She helps me think of creative things to do, and often gives me creative things to do- or just wants me to assemble furniture or move it- either way, it requires some level of thought or creativity.

So, today, though belated, I recognize her birthday. I am very very grateful for her friendship as well as her husband's. They are an encouragement to my husband and I, and our children love love love them!

Sharing our home and our lives with my friend Michelle and Devin has been one of the biggest blessings of the year. I thank the Lord for bringing our families together, first in Christ and then in friendship.

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