Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Day 268: Grilled Cheese

I'm really not that obsessed with having food titles for blog entries, but it just makes sense tonight.

This is the start to a discouraging week. First, I was in Norah's class yesterday, and well, I won't get into that. Second, and mind you, it's only Tuesday, I have the worst cheer practice ever.

I wanted so badly to have a fun time doing Upward. It really is a fun thing to do and a fun league. I really enjoy being with the girls, and I'm even liking learning cheers (as silly as I feel doing them!). But I have little support from parents. I have a hard time controlling the girls. It's just not going well.

I cam home tonight feeling very discouraged. I was bracing myself for outcries against the chili that we had planned to make, and I started in on some grilled cheese sandwiches for the kids.

Haddon was summoned to the table, and upon seeing his plate, cheered, "Yay! I love the cheese!"

Oh that boy. I just love him. Countless times he has brought a smile to my face when all I wanted to do was cry. Who knew that having a grilled cheese sandwich could bring such delight to a little boy? Not me, but I am sure glad it did. I needed that burst of joy because it rubbed off on my spirit.

Sometimes all it takes is a grilled cheese to turn some things around.

Lord, thank you for grilled cheese sandwiches. Thank you for my boy.

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