Thursday, September 1, 2011

Day 242: Beach Day

Today our family went to the coast for the day. We enjoyed going to the aquarium, and wowing over God's creation. We also went to the beach and flew kites.

It was our last outing of the summer before school starts, and it was a beautiful day. We were at a part of the coast that we have never been to. It was truly lovely. It was the prettiest part of the beach that I have been to in a long time. There wasn't much debris on the shore, making the sand really smooth.

It was a particularly windy day so the waves were large and the kites flew very high!

There's a lot to reflect on when you're on the coast. You can't number the grains of sand, and yet so many are God's thoughts towards us. The waves are constant, ever crashing, just like God, faithful, steady. The powerful wind coming across the shore reminds me of the powerful God that controls it, and the effects it has on the patterns in the sand remind me of his faithful work shaping us. The blue of sky and water declared God's glory, and the knowledge of all that lies in the deep is too wonderful to even comprehend.

Needless to say, my heart and mind were full of sweet reminders, as a trip to the beach always does. There are few places in God's world that you can stand and really feel small and yet very significant all at once. But the beach is one of them.

Thank you that your love is deeper than the ocean,
your faithfulness greater than the waves,
and your power mightier than the wind.

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