Monday, September 19, 2011

Day 260: Lasagna!

Simple pleasures are the best!

I made a decision today that I would make lasagna, and in looking at my Groupons, I saw that I had one for Great Harvest Co. So, I loaded my boy into the car and took him on some errands with me.

We arrived at the bakery just in time. There it was, on the baking schedule: "Cheese Garlic Bread- 12:00" I was right on time. Out a new, warm, delicious loaf came from the oven. It smelled delightful, and I had to try it while it was still warm. Then it filled up my home with it's wonderful aroma.

Combined with lasagna, which I haven't made in so long, it made for a most delicious meal that we were able to eat as a family.

Yes, the simple pleasures are the best!

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