Friday, September 9, 2011

Day 250: It Just Gets Better

Sometimes things strike you, and it puts you to thinking. Such a thing happened to me just this evening. I'll explain:

I learned that yet another person that I went to school with is now divorced. Don't get me wrong. I have no judgments on the marriage. I have no opinions. I just simply lament another marriage ending, two people being torn apart, and children not having parents working together side-by-side, in love, to raise them and model a Christ-church relationship. I think it's worth mourning. I think it's worth taking pause and being saddened by it. (If you're reading this, and you have suffered through divorce, my prayer is that you would not feel added guilt or shame. That is not my intent at all.)

That's what I did this evening. I shared with my husband that it made me so sad, and I shared with him that it also drives me to thankfulness.

With every passing year, I am more deeply committed to my husband. I love him more deeply. I care for him more deeply. Separation seems more and more to be an impossibility. Marriage isn't easy, and if I were to sit here and write about it's ease, I would be a liar and a hypocrite. But there is much to be said about the longevity of marriage cementing the vows taken all the years long ago. As time goes on, the idea of life without my husband seems absurd. It truly does. Short of the Lord calling him home, it just doesn't even seem feasible.

In saying this, I don't mean to seem prideful or that we are immune to the temptations and hardships that can arise in the life of a marriage, but I am just so thankful for the peace I have in being married to the man I fell in love with in my youth (not that I'm so old, but I was younger then than I am now!). I pray that God gives both he and I the strength and determination to hold fast to that love as the years roll on and we grow older with each other. I pray that every new phase of life and marriage does not work to tear us apart, but brings us closer together and makes us stronger.

It is a fragile thing, holding some one's heart, and allowing them to hold yours.

Lord, may I be worthy of holding my husband's heart. 
May we cling to each other 
and live life in light of your Word so that we may withstand all the trials that may come our way.

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