Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Day 248: Happy Birthday Husband

Today we celebrate 31 years of my husband's life.

I love my husband. I love the way he talks, walks, listens, and acts. I love his big blue eyes, and that he passed those eyes on to our children: Norah the big part, and Haddon the blue part. I love when he laughs, and when he talks about something he's passionate about and that what he is usually talking about with passion is something to do with God, ministry or Scripture. I love how smart he is, and that he can understand things and have such clarity of mind on so many matters. I love that he will do what he needs to do to provide for our family, and that in the course of our marriage, that hasn't been easy- but he has never backed down from that responsibility, that honor. I love how he coaches our son's football team. I love that he listens to our daughter's stories and asks her about her days. I love that he is ticklish and that he tickles his children. I love that he enjoys spicy foods, and that he tries to make new things. I love that he does a good job at it!

Yes, happy birthday, Husband. I love you always and forever.

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