Sunday, September 25, 2011

Day 266: Getting up, and going down

In our home we have a routine. Well, it's some sort of routine. I get up, and Casey goes to bed. Casey get's up, and I go to bed. We call daddy our owl. He's up all night, while the kids and I sleep. While he sleeps the day is buzzing by with activities of the rest of the family.

I know it won't last forever. I just look forward to seeing what God will do to get him out of this nocturnal routine.

Lord grant me patience, and fill me up with gratitude for how you have provided. 
I remember a year ago, I was struggling as the bread winner, 
and this year, I am happily working less and Casey has taken that role back. 
Thank you for allowing us to be where we are, 
and I pray that this isn't where you would have us stay for too long. 
But even if you do, I will still praise you in the getting up and going down.

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