Sunday, July 31, 2011

Day 210: In Which I Write of Children's Ministry

July was my month to serve in children's church. I had fun doing it. I've never felt like I was very good at doing that sort of thing, but I think that God fills in the gaps a lot!

Every quarter I have been taking one month and serving in the 2-3's class, and it has been such a kick. I have been able to serve with the same person, and so we kind of have established a rhythm and have been able to get to know each other better! So that's so neat.

But I have noticed that there is not one person who is consistent in the the next class up for Sunday school. Every other Sunday school class has a consistent teacher every week. I just didn't like that. So I asked if I could fill that gap.

Um, yeah. That's definitely what I needed to do. The scheduling coordinator for the children's ministry was absolutely thrilled, and I guess, oddly enough, that was a huge burden on her heart and something that has been prayed for. I'm not sure how I missed that need. I feel kind of silly to be that dense, but I'm glad that the dots finally connected in my brain.

You see, spiritual gifts are more than just a way that God has gifted you to bless the body. It's any opportunity that you get to bless the body. He equips us to fill the needs in the body as our hearts are willing to be used.

I'm not sure how I will do with Sunday school. But I know that I can love those kids and have fun. I'm a mom, so I know I can set limits and stick to them. So I know I can control a crowd. I guess if I can do those things, God will use that to help shape these little ones.

I'm looking forward to September. I'm looking forward to the Lord stretching me and using me in the lives of these 4-5 year old children. I'm looking forward to having fun!

Lord prepare me to be an example and a fun teacher for these little ones.
Use me in the plans that you have for them.

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