Friday, July 29, 2011

Days 204-208: Wrapping Things Up

I have been on the go this week. It's a bit of a blur. I'm really working hard to have our home feel more like a home by the end of summer.

It's not like it hasn't been a home. I mean, I'm not one to just have no touch of artistic flair around me. Oh no. Not me. It's just that what our home has been lacking is real organization and smart use of space. That always takes me a while. I'm not an organizer. I'm a person that makes things pretty. So, I'm trying to do both.

It's coming along, and I'm wrapping things up. I've accomplished some mighty big things for me. For one, I bought, assembled, and set up a new computer desk. That's right, I did! I have never in my entire life assembled anything, and I did it. I also moved our computer to said desk, connected all the wires and it actually worked when I was done. I've never done that either.

Since I was able to move the computer, I got our old desk sold- in less than an hour thankyouverymuch. Then my wonder-friend Michelle brought over shelves and then began the process of getting all my husband's books into the house. What used to be a hallway computer area is now a full-blown library. Finally, we saved the books from their solitary confinement, and now they are in the home where the climate is much more controlled and their health will be preserved! I think Husband is pretty happy about that.

There's more organizing to do, but getting these things done feels so good, and I just praise the Lord that he is giving me this peace and freedom as I get things done.

It's not so much the pretty new pillows in my living room, or the lamp shades or even the things (which I haven't really acquired any more things, just have re-done things). But it's just the freedom of making things nice for my family and simplifying so that there can be more peace and productivity.

It think that's what the Lord is working on in my heart the most lately is just this desire for peace. Letting go of stuff that clutters my home and heart, and embracing the situation and home that we are in. We really are blessed, and although this isn't where I want to be forever, I believe that by God's grace I can thrive in it- at least thrive better.

So, I hope that the hard work is bringing honor to God. I hope that he is glorified in my efforts. I'm having fun doing it, and I am enjoying reaping the benefits of those efforts. I think my family will too. I know my husband appreciates it, and although it brings some initial anxiety on my kids, I think it will be appreciated by them in the long run. I'm trying to make it as smooth as possible for them, but it can be difficult. I don't think I'm doing any permanent damage (I hope!).

Lord, may my home reflect the desires of my heart. 
May it serve my family. May it welcome family and friends, 
and may it, most of all, honor you.

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