Saturday, July 30, 2011

Day 209: Projects, Projects, Projects

My day was spent in a nearby small town where my mom and sister live. I packed up the van with a bunch of things that will be sold in a garage sale next weekend, and loaded up the last couple things that I have started and have wanted to finish. Oh yeah, and my kids too. They, of course, were along for the ride.

I took the stuff over to my sister's home, and then proceeded to my mom's where we finished up a baby doll for my niece Seble, and finished the last two pillow cases for my living room couches.

Can we all just take a big sigh of relief now?


I'm so thankful that my mom helped me finish these things. I would not have been able to figure it out on my own! I thought that Seble's doll was something that I could do, but I couldn't do it on my own. Poor me! My sewing skills are just way not up to snuff! But my super-mom saved the day for me. The last two pillows have been sitting unfinished, and so it was so great to get those done too.

And let me tell you, getting the stuff that has been sitting in our driveway out of our driveway?! Praise the Lord! I'm thrilled to have finally been able to make that final step to get it out. Now it just has to all sell. And I'm sure it will. I have some good stuff, and already some has sold! Hooray!

Thank you Lord for the sweet satisfaction of getting things done! 
Thank you for upholding my heart to persevere to the end of some of these projects. 
I know there's more to do, but I just praise you for what has already been accomplished!
Your grace and your peace have ruled in this and preserved my heart. Thank you!

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