Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Day 191: I'm Okay

You know, going into this month, I knew it was going to be a tight budget. I really did. The fact is, is that we really depend on the little bit of a boost in income that I bring home, and that's hard. I wish it weren't that way, but it is.

I'm really really thankful though. In all the ups and downs of that past few years with layoffs, and my husband being underemployed, God has always provided for our every need perfectly.

There's $5.72 in our bank account right now. And what's so cool, is that it's okay. It's okay. I'll be paid on Friday, and we'll be able to pay those last two bills, and we'll end the month just fine. We'll make it.

When I first saw that we were that tight, I didn't feel okay at first. I got a little fearful, but then I caught myself and I remembered that we're okay.

I'm just really thankful that I can look at that balance and rest in God's provision. I'm glad that his grace sustains my heart in that way. At other times in my life, I would have not been as okay, and as peaceful as I am right now.


I'm okay with that.

Thank you for sustaining and providing for us Lord. We always have what we need.

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