Sunday, July 10, 2011

Day 189: Picnics and Birthday Cakes

I haven't had a full weekend like this in a while, and I'm glad I don't have too many of them! But it is a joy to participate in things that make people happy and to celebrate life.

Yesterday was a birthday party for one of Norah's classmates from school, and today was my niece's birthday party. We also spent a good amount of time at an after-church barbecue. (I have eaten so many cheeseburgers and hot dogs in the last few days!)

Today was just a sweet reminder of the blessings we have of both church and family. I am so thankful for the church body that we get to fellowship with, and I am also so thankful for family. Celebrating a birthday and rejoicing in togetherness were sweet ways to spend our Sunday. I can't think of better things to do today.

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