Sunday, July 17, 2011

Day 196: Another Smile Moment

Smile Moment: an occasion when the only reaction, the most proper reaction, is to smile. No more. No less. It is a brief window of praise to God shown in a smile.

 I was on a path through the kitchen towards dishes wanting to be back in their homes in the cupboards, when I met with my daughter. Taking advantage of her new height (as she was standing on a chair), I wrapped my arms around her and asked, "You know what, Norah?"


"You know that I love you? And what do I want for you?"

"You don't want me to die?" she responded quite innocently.

"Well, yeah," holding back a laugh, "But I also want you to learn and grow. You know what else?"

"Yeah. You want me to serve God," was her next thought.

"That's right, baby, to bring him glory. You want to do that?"

My little girl nodded in the affirmative, and skipped off the chair. After all, she was standing there for approximately 20 seconds. So to expect her to stay any longer is unthinkable.


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