Saturday, July 9, 2011

Day 188: Go Team Upward!/ Created to Serve

At our church, we host a program of flag football and cheerleading through Upward Sports. Our daughter participated last year, and is really looking forward to it this fall. She even thinks it's cool that mom has volunteered to coach. (I'll enjoy that while I can!) Today I had the pleasure of volunteering at the evaluations and parent orientations.

After eight months of not being able to do that kind of stuff, it really was a pleasure for me to be able to give of my time. And slowly, I'm re-acquainting myself with that and relearning how to balance gifts of time with faithfulness at home.

That's a really good feeling. I have felt a burden on my heart being unable to volunteer and feeling fearful of committing to anything because of the need to work so much. Although I still need to work to help our family, I do feel more free to give of my time.

We were made to serve one another and bless each other with our time, gifts and efforts. It's just nice to be able to get back into that.

Let the Upward season begin!

Thank you for making me for free Lord. Please be glorified in my time.

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