Monday, July 11, 2011

Day 190: Kylie Marie

One year.

A year ago we welcomed Kylie into our family as a sweet niece and cousin. She is truly a sweet, sweet little baby girl. She is bouncy, and cute, and I just love her!

Happy birthday, Kylie-girl! Aunt Kelly can't wait til we start our Slurpee birthday dates- our 7-11 girl!

Thank you so much for Kylie, Lord. 
She is a delight, and I thank you for giving her to her mom and dad. 
I pray that they would be faithful in raising her to your glory, 
and that she would come to know you personally at a young age. 
I pray that they would help her cultivate her gifts and help her develop a godly character. 
I pray that you would teach her your ways so that she can walk in your truth.

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