Friday, July 1, 2011

Day 182: Birthday Party!

Today we celebrated Haddon's birthday even though it's not until tomorrow. The plan was to have people over for hot dogs and cake. All our family was invited, but then our girl didn't have a great night. She caught something, and being aware that the most courteous thing to do would be to make sure people knew about it, told everyone. I wanted them to know that she was okay, but that she was sick. I didn't think that she was contagious anymore, and was going to keep her away from people for part of the time.

No one with children came.

I'll be honest. I was peeved. I was disappointed. We had no other time to reschedule his birthday celebration, and my son had to miss out on having a complete celebration. No child was in harm's way, but still, I can't make that decision for people.

But you know what? My son didn't even care. Here I am, irritated and sad that my son's birthday was "ruined", while he was in raptures over every little gift and card. He gasped. He delighted. He smiled. He laughed. He had a ball. The day was the coolest day ever because he was celebrated whether people came or not.

It taught me something about my son that I already knew, but was extra blessed to be reminded of. He is a content child. He really really is. He doesn't think about what he's missing, or what is being withheld. He simply enjoys all that comes his way and rejoices in the gift that it is.

I need to be more like Haddon. I let my joy get robbed instead of simply taking the circumstances and rejoicing in them for what they were.

Okay, Kelly. Remember that next time things don't go the way you want them to, okay?

Lord, help me do that!
Help me be more like Haddon!

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