Saturday, April 2, 2011

Days 92 and 93: Whirlwinds

Definition of WHIRLWIND

1: a small rotating windstorm of limited extent
2a : a confused rush : whirl
b : a violent or destructive force or agency

I've hosted two birthday parties on two consecutive days. Yesterday's was for family, and today's was for friends. I have experienced a little bit of 2a as Merriam Webster defines it.

I'm thankful though that everyone was able to come over and celebrate our daughter's sixth birthday. I'm thankful that she has such sweet friends, and that they were all able to come and play. Norah had so much fun, and really, I did too. I like hosting things, and it always ends up being fun, though it never fails that I hit a snag. Yesterday, I went to get birthday candles down, and wouldn't you know it? All the candles were gone. Apparently, we used them all up. This morning I wanted to have something with more protein, so I made an egg leaving two for the cupcakes I had yet to bake. Guess how many eggs I needed to make the cupcakes. Three. So I had to make a trip to the grovery store. You can't help but just laugh at these things, really.

So tomorrow is the marker of enjoying Norah for six years.


Didn't she just learn how to walk?

Lord, may the whirlwinds in life never distract me from what's really happening.
May I hold on to every moment, for it goes by all too quickly.

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