Friday, April 8, 2011

Day 98: In Which I Write of Triplet Movies

When It's a Wonderful Life came out, Jimmy Stewart played a man who got to see what it was like if he had never been born. Other movies have used that device of showing what things would be like if... fill in the blank. Another of those is The Family Man with Nicholas Cage. He's no Jimmy Stewart, but it was a fine flick. A wealthy business man gets a glimpse of what his life would have been if he hadn't left his college sweetheart behind at an airport. What he discovers is that he walked away from something greater than wealth or power.

I watched another movie that was basically The Family Man. No really. It was just the same movie, but with a Christian theme, and instead of Nick Cage, the man in question was Hercules himself, Kevin Sorbo. I'll give you a second to calm yourself....

Anyway, this particular movie shows a young man who leaves on a bus to enter the world of business instead of staying behind in his hometown and pursuing the pastorate, along with his college sweetheart (who happens to be Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the movie one, Kristy Swanson). Then his own "Terrence" or angel-like man (John Ratzenberger, thankyouverymuch) shows Sorbo the What If of his life.

So, three movies, very similar concepts. Triplets, you might say.

There are a lot of things that we could choose to be, and many routes that we could choose to go. I know this is true of my husband.

He could have been many things, and he could have pursued many different things. He has many gifts that would allow him to be more, in the world's eyes, than what he is. But he has chosen a course in life that doesn't offer much wealth or power or prestige, but brings much joy. He has the love of family. He has the joy of serving His Lord, and he has the privilege of studying His word.

I'm proud to have married a man who chooses the greater thing.

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